We have been serving the D.C. area for over four decades under the same name.

To our customers, both new and old:

We are proud to say that our customers are sophisticated and intelligent shoppers.  Most of them are connoisseurs and have spent their lifetimes collecting.  We certainly welcome new customers, but we strongly urge that they do their research before shopping, that is how confident Adabis Oriental Rug Gallery is on the value and selection that we provide.
Over the years the majority of our customers have been referred by other good customers, like you.



At Adabi Rug Gallery we wish to provide the highest quality product at the lowest possible fair price, while maintaining integrity. We do not partake in falsified discounts, exaggerated price markups, bargaining, and false fire sales, nor do we have to.  Ethical business practice is our niche in an industry that has been plagued with a terrible reputation by our competitors.  We offer a vast selection and economies to scale that very few can compete with on an international level.