Ghoum (or Qum) rugs are woven in a holy city described by some as the “Vatican” of Iran.  Ghoum did not start weaving rugs up until the last 70 years.  In the beginning Ghoum rugs were mostly done with a wool pile woven on a cotton foundation, later wool on silk, and currently world renowned for their pure silk pile on silk foundation (aka silk on silk or 100% silk)

The carpets are positively beautiful with a softness and shine that cannot be duplicated.  Both the quality of silk and wool used in weaving the Ghoum rug can be only attributed to the mineral rich water in the area.  Other countries have tried to duplicate this Persian carpet but simply cannot because of the lack fine silk and wool.  Qum does not have their own unique traditional design but they do use inspiration from other cities; such as a tree of life, four seasons design, pearl (boteh), etc.  However, this may change in the future because new talent and design emerge from this city every day.  The “Adabi” signature is woven onto these authentic silk rugs woven in the heart Ghoum.

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