The city of Tabriz is best known for producing the Tabriz Persian rug for many centuries.  Weaving silk pile on silk foundation, silk pile on wool foundation, and wool pile on cotton foundation.  This part of Iran has been full of strife with war and earthquakes thus carpets from this region are more valuable especially the rare older ones. Tabriz can be identified for their beauty as well as their durability (some containing as much as 500,000 knots per square meter).  Even the city Marand which is next to Tabriz has famous master weavers, like Hajji Jallie; his rugs typically have his signature woven in.  A Hajji Jallie sold on December 1, 1973 for $42,000 at Sotheby Parke Bernet.  Tabriz is still making beautiful rugs and durable rugs, including 80-70-60 linear on silk and cotton.

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